Sarah McDarby, RYT 200

I am a mom, yogi, animal lover, nature lover and playtime enthusiast! I discovered many of the benefits of yoga through my own practice, beginning in college and ultimately taking me to my first teacher training in 2017.  After completing my 200 hr yoga teacher training through ShivaShakti school of yoga and healing arts in 2017, I decided to pursue my 300 hour certification as well, beginning with my children's yoga teacher training. Initially coming to yoga to lower high blood pressure and increase flexibility; along the way I discovered a peace of mind, greater sense of self, strength of character and many other "hidden" benefits. My biggest hope is to instill these values in our children, the generation that my son will grow up in. The compassion and empathy that we help them build will then radiate into the rest of the world. Lofty goal? It's attainable, I promise!


Chic‚Äčkpea Yoga

Our Vision

I believe that it is our duty to teach our children kindness, compassion and empathy.  We must also instill a sense of self worth and confidence.  The practices of yoga can help to prepare children to navigate life's hurdles without compromising any of these traits.

Our Mission

The healthy habits and practices established with a yoga practice should be accessible to all.  The goal of Chickpea Yoga is to help children to incorporate these practices at an early age, so that the impacts of stress, daily life, and environmental toxins and threats can be minimized.

What We Do

We have fun!  Meditation is more than just sitting.  Yoga is more than just stretching.  And mindfulness is more than just a word.  By working with children and leading through example, we can help them find "their" yoga, the version that works for them and allows them to remain true to themselves.